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Visionary Leader Podcasts now available:
JoAnn Becker
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Who We Are
The purpose of the Global Abundance Alliance is to empower
and support people who are out to make a difference in the world
so they are in action on their commitments.

The GLOBAL ABUNDANCE ALLIANCE (GAA) is a non-profit organization designed to identify and empower individuals who have a commitment for making a difference in the world. We seek to support the work of such visionaries by making the world aware of their work and providing a network of similar spirits. The GAA is a "chaordic organization" (see www.chaordic.org for more information), modeled to include and empower many, diverse people and projects. The GAA is a home for many member initiatives and also offers a group of core services to support the people and organizations that come here.

The GAA is led by a BOARD OF DIRECTORS, each member of which serves a two-year term. Coming from all walks of life, the Directors share the vision and mission of the GAA. Many are graduates of the course “Power and Contribution” by Landmark Education. In addition, many former Directors continue to serve the GAA through an ADVISORY BOARD. Click the link for detailed information on the current and former Directors.

The GAA Charter
Transforming our relationships, creating global families
Empowerment through fun, play and love
Human Spirit causing peace, abundance and infinite resources

Our vision is that all people live in full awareness of the interconnectedness of life, that we are the source and effect of the world we live in, a world providing for all.

We will accomplish our vision by causing a new promise for the world, “sourcing” people and organizations committed to a world of freedom, abundance and peace.

All the actions of the GAA are given by the following values: Integrity, Communication, Honoring, Leadership, Learning,
and Play.

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What We Do

  • GLOBAL ABUNDANCE WIKI - You are already here! This wiki is a web-based collaboration tool that is rapidly growing in popularity. Let us explain it like this: Two people sit down at a table in a restaurant. One scribbles an idea on a napkin. The other modifies the idea on the napkin - changing the wording, adding new thoughts, drawing sketches or otherwise contributing new content. A wiki is the shared napkin in cyberspace. Anyone who is authorized can enter this shared workspace and add, delete or edit content anywhere on it. A wiki is a community forum, where history is dynamic, and where any number of people can think aloud, share and collaborate. It's interactive. It's alive. Founded and managed by a team of GAA members, this site is created to add power to the promises people have created. We invite you to play, and shape the future of this site through your participation!

  • VISIONARY LEADER CALLS - Previously called "Learning Leader Calls" - everyone featured on this site is committed to making a difference in the world … and some of us are teaching others in doing that! What do they do that we can use? What do they need that we can provide? We periodically invite someone who is a Global Leader in the work of transformation to engage with us in a conversation, speaking and gathering feedback. These 90 minute conference calls have proven to be both useful and inspiring - they are not to be missed! And, if you do miss them, we offer Podcasts – audio files of most calls going back to the beginning of 2007 – and informative pages on each Visionary or Learning Leader, all on this site!

  • ANNUAL GAA WORKSHOP - Although we did not hold a workshop in 2013, discussion is now underway for a workshop in 2014. Typically, the one-day GAA Workshop is held in May, scheduled to follow Landmark Education’s "Conference for Global Transformation." Each intensely interactive workshop explores a theme on the cutting edge of transformational work. In 2011, the theme was “Living The Gift: Gift Circles in Today’s Economy” and we featured Aumatma Binal Shah, founder of the Karma Clinic in Berkeley, California – with a guest appearance by Nipun Mehta, our 2009 Annual GAA presenter. Our 2012 GAA Workshop, “The First [Your Age] Years Are Preparation for Your Life’s Work in the World”, was led by Visionary Leader Jackie Ehlers. Check this page for information on the 2014 Workshop, as details become available – we look forward to seeing you there!

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For information about this wiki page, please contact Rick Phillips at: rick.phillips.ra@gmail.com.